T-Plus first mobile wallet of Somalia

T-Plus allows you to experience a whole new method of remittance and many financial transactions by maintaining a T-Plus account. This is both convenient and easy to use. You will be able to remit, withdraw, request, transfer funds as well as purchase goods and services and even pay your bills inside Somalia.

Sending money using T-Plus mobile wallet

By using t-Plus Account money can be transferred to Mobile wallet, Tawakal Agent, T-Plus account-account, Etawakal account.

T-Plus features:

T-Plus app has two main functions “Regular /Mobile Money Remittance” and “Merchant Accounts”.

Features for T-Plus normal user:

Send : Send money your family and friends back home with our physical pickup services; simple and fast.

Transfer : Transfer funds to any registered T-Plus user across the world

Request money from any registered T-Plus user across the world

Find Merchant : Find all the merchants, their location and can contact them for bill payment purposes.

Pay Merchant : Pay your bills to the merchant directly from your phone user your T-Plus user account.

Mobile Money : Users can directly send money to the mobile wallet( SAHAL, SAAD, EVCPLUS) coming soon Mobile wallet (Mpesa, MTN, AIRTEL And HELLOCASH)

Transaction History : users can View summary information about their transactions and send to their email.

Features for merchant user:

Send : Send money to TE.

Cash in : Request payment

Cash out : Top up T-Plus account

Mobile money : Can send to mobile wallet (SAHAL, SAAD, EVCPLUS) coming soon Mobile wallet (Mpesa, MTN, AIRTEL And HELLOCASH).

View transaction history


Knowledge center

How to send money
Send money directly

To Tawakal Express, Etawakal, T-Plus current/saving account holders

Send money to a mobile wallet (Sahal, Zaad, EvcPLUS, Mpesa, MTN, Airtel and HelloCash)

Select your receiver's country: Then provide your receiver's mobile number (with international dial code) in Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Choose how to pay: Use cash at our agent locations, or credit or debit cards online.

Send reliably

We offer service to mobile Wallet : Funds are sent usually within a few minutes.

Somali : Sahal, Zaad, EvcPLUS, T-PLUS

Kenya : Mpesa

Tanzania, Uganda : MTN, Airtel

Ethiopia : HelloCash

How it works T-Plus

Any T-Plus customer having Internet facility can now send, receive, purchase, transfer funds to a third party without beneficiary registration, either through mobile number or branch pick up by simply using the app.

At the other end, the beneficiary with T-Plus account can claim the fund either through his/her T-Plus account or Tawakal Express and Its Global Partners. T-Plus is linked to all.

Tawakal Express products and services both inside Somalia and abroad.

Beneficiary is required to log-in T-Plus mobile app to claim the funds. After due validations, “Real Time” funds would be remitted or transferred to desired account and funds will be immediately available for withdrawal or purchase products and services at one of T-Plus merchants inside Somalia.

With T-Plus, it’s a single steam from sending, receiving, requesting and making purchase. T-Plus is an alternative to cash when you need to pay merchant, send, receive or request funds.

How to get T-Plus account

Using eTawakal Account : If I have already an eTawakal account then you don’t need to create a new account in T-Plus you can connect with your eTawakal account.

To register a new T-Plus account, you must have your own mobile device and must have valid government issued identification. When registering your T-Plus account, you will be asked the following :

Registering your mobile number and device

Verifying your phone number by using the OTP steps

Creating username and password

Entering your personal or merchant legal entity information

Completing the registration process by providing your personal or merchant details

Submitting your documents as per KYC verification

Create your four PIN number

Benefits of T-Plus

So why switch to a T-Plus financial app, or add one to your business payment gateway? Let’s check out a few of the many advantages that you can benefit:

Ease of Use

T-Plus is easy to use, as its features allow users to make different kind of remittances and payments almost immediately after set up. For best results, users will be able to request funds from their loved ones or customers.

Numerous Features and Capabilities

Traditional remittance or mobile money services have limited functions, but T-Plus financial app offer a variety of features and capabilities. T-Plus Mobile options offer the ability to run reports and keep track of every transaction, approve, reject and receipt, as each transaction is automatically saved to your account or mobile POS account. With everything on record, it’s much easier to track fraudulent charges.


T-Plus - what you already have – Your own mobile device so you won’t have to worry about additional devices as you make your financial needs mobile. This includes all sorts of small businesses such as restaurants, shops, Taxis, barbershops and other individual proprietors who travel often for work. Rather than limiting business to cash transactions when on the road, owners and operators are able to accept payments through T-Plus mobile app, which contributes to an increase in customer base.

Additional Transaction Options

T-Plus offer more than one transaction option, such as manual entry remittance, request funds from friends and family, pay utilities, purchase goods and services all within your mobile device. This means never having to carry cash or write checks to merchants. The advantages of using a T-Plus are many. Add to your business method of payment acceptance and notice a positive difference immediately.