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eTawakal - An Online agent for international money transfer

ETAWAKAL is an International Online & physical money remittance Services that offers mobile funds transfer which enables instant money remittance from one place to another place using internet technology through Somali major telecommunication services

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Banana Pay LLC - The best money transfer service for US immigrants

Banana Pay LLC is the sole authorized for Tawakal Express. It has money remittance Services in seventeenth states business. Its is both online and physical money remittance service that lets customers send funds to friends and family living abroad

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T-PLUS Mobile Wallet

T-Plus allows you to experience a whole new method of remittance and many financial transactions by maintaining a T-Plus account

Banana Pay Money Transfer

Banana Pay is a leading African online money transfer service that offers highly competitive exchange rates, low fees and impressive transfer times, all secured with a sender and recipient immediate notifications. You may want to consider Banana Pay as your essential stop for remittance services.

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