Banana Pay - International money transfer service

Banana Pay LLC is the sole authorized for Tawakal Express. Banana Pay LLC has seventeenth states Money Services business.

Banana Pay LLC is both online and offline service that lets customers send money to friends and family living abroad, using either online account ACH withdrawal via their computer, Smartphone or tablet or by visiting one of 60 agents in USA.

Banana Pay is an online international money transfer service through which any person with resident address of America can send money online from and to the following countries Australia, Ethiopia, South sudan, United Kingdom, Canada, Kenya, Sweden United states, Djibouti, Norway.

How it works

To remit the funds all you need is an US bank account(Which should be of USA) and a Banana Pay User account.

Sign in with your account

Select the country to which the fund is to be transferred

Provide the details of bank name and routing number (only for American accounts)

After the verification process, proceed with complete transfer option

There sender can take a print of remittance summary and transaction number for future use

Within 36 hours, sender will be mailed with remittance number after getting the fund clear.

By providing this remittance number and Bank account (US account) receiver can pick up the funds


Knowledge center

Why Banana Pay?


Send money anytime, anywhere. All you need is a Banana Pay account, an internet connection and online bank account. No trips, no agents. Available on computer, smart-phone or tablet.


Instant delivery of the money transfers straight to mobile phones, etawakal or agent pick-ups in Africa with instant notifications to both senders and recipients.


Affordable fees displayed upfront. Transparency is our number one goal. The affordable choice.


Trusted by thousands. Putting the security of your money and data first. We encrypt your personal data and use the highest security standards available.

Banana Pay system is fully updated with “SDN Data stored in OFAC list” of US Treasury Department so it detects online if any beneficiary name and remitter matches with the OFAC list instantly.