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Tawakal Express has over 20 years experience in providing money transfer services through around 600 Agents and Offices worldwide, and as such that lead to Tawakal Express embracing and pioneering reforms and innovations necessary for money transfer businesses to thrive in an ever-changing sphere.

Tawakal Express brand has disbursement capacity of 100 million dollars per month worldwide all from Diaspora network to their families and loved ones.

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Tawakal Express

Tawakal Express is a global brand that provides money wiring services to individuals and businesses who are sending money to their family members or to conduct business transactions anywhere in the world.
Tawakal Express currently operates both in branch and electronic remittances through our partners in US, Canada, UK, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Australia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Uganda, India, Bangladesh, China, Philippines, and many more.

Secure mobile money transfer

E-Tawakal Service - An online agent

ETAWAKAL Mobile Money Transfer enables instant money transfer from one place to another place using mobile technology through Somali major telecommunication services.
Individuals, companies and NGOs can use ETAWAKAL Platform to send money to Somalia. Remittance goes from either by visiting branches and online user accounts, through the Central Bank of Djibouti or Dubai (funds clearinghouse) to recipients in Africa.

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T-plus Mobile Money service

In partnership with Telecom Services, tawakal express has introduced T-plus app to make the international money transfer service easier and included facilities of bill payment and other services.

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Banana Pay LLC

Banana Pay LLC is the sole authorized for Tawakal Express. Banana Pay LLC has seventeenth states Money Services business. Banana Pay LLC is both online and offline service that lets customers send money to friends and family living abroad, using either online account ACH withdrawal via their computer, Smartphone or tablet or by visiting one of 60 agents in USA.

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M-pesa Mobile Money

Tawakal Express partners with M-Pesa mobile money services to send money to Kenya. MPESA is the fastest and most affordable way to send money to East Africa. M-Pesa is a mobile phone-based money transfer, financing and micro financing service, launched in 2007 by Vodafone for Safaricom and Vodacom, the largest mobile network operators in Kenya and Tanzania.


Secure mobile money transfer
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